Run firmware wizard error the csior is non-compliant

run firmware wizard error the csior is non-compliant

run firmware wizard error the csior is non-compliant

E1> The CSIOR status is non-compliant E1> The Hypervisor status is non-compliant E2> Setting SNMP trap failed for the iDRAC, x of the host, x as iDRAC does not have any free IPv4 SNMP trap destination slots available.

When I click that, it lets me start the wizard. I get to the second page and it says:- Last Inventory Run: July 11, 2014 at 8:31:59 (GMT-4), however nothing displays. Also using the vSphere web interface, the Firmware Update option is available, but doesn’t work.

After upgrading to 6.5U2, OMIVV cannot update any hosts. When going to Manage --> Compliance --> vSphere Hosts, all hosts are now showing non-compliant. CSIOR, OMSA, SNMP Trap and WBEM Status all are unknown. IDRAC status is Compliant. Attempted to "Fix non-compliant vSphere Hosts" and nothing happe...

6 Firmware Updates for Clusters Using the OpenManage™ Integration for VMware vCenter. • Server must be compliant in terms of minimum required firmware, CSIOR status, Hypervisor, and OMSA status (in case for Dell PowerEdge 11th generation servers). o At least the base level of firmware updates for Lifecycle Controller, iDRAC, and BIOS. See

 · • Issue 2: iDRAC license type and description are displayed incorrectly for non-compliant vSphere hosts. Description: If a host is noncomplaint when CSIOR is disabled or has not been run, the iDRAC license information is displayed incorrectly although valid iDRAC license is available. Hence, you can view the host in vSphere hosts list, but ...

firmware versions using the Firmware Update Wizard. This wizard only updates hosts that are part of a connection profile and compliant in terms of firmware, CSIOR status, hypervisor, and OMSA status (11th generation servers only). If your host is not listed, run the Compliance Wizard for vSphere Hosts from the OpenManage Integration for VMware ...

Running The Fix Non-Compliant Bare Metal Server Wizard ... Enabling CSIOR On A Reference Server .....60 Creating A New Hardware Profile.....60 Cloning A New Hardware Profile.....62 About Managing Hardware Profiles.....62 Viewing Or Editing A Hardware Profile.....63 Duplicating A Hardware Profile.....63 Renaming A Hardware Profile.....63 Deleting A Hardware Profile.....63 Refreshing An Updated ...

dell-mgmt-plugin-for-vmware-center-2.2 OpenManage Integration for VMware vCenter for Desktop Client User's Guide Version 2.2

 · Notes, cautions, and warnings NOTE: A NOTE indicates important information that helps you make better use of your product. CAUTION: A CAUTION indicates either potential damage to hardware or loss of data and tells you how to avoid

View Non-compliant hosts from Overview page .....18 Figure 16. View non-compliant hosts from Compliance page .....19 Figure 17. Example of non-compliant hosts .....20 Figure 18. Host Compliance Wizard - Select Hosts .....21 Figure 19. Host Compliance Wizard - Fix Connection Profile Warning..... 21 Figure 20. Host Compliance Wizard - CSIOR .....22 Figure 21. Host Compliance Wizard - OMSA ...

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