How to upgrade bt home hub firmware

how to upgrade bt home hub firmware

how to upgrade bt home hub firmware

Easiest way is to hold the factory reset button on the back of the hub for 20-30 seconds then let the hub restart. It will then automatically update to the latest settings overnight

The Hub has selected the Channel 11 automatically that works well for my home wireless connection. This morning, my Home Hub has reverted back to Channel 6 and my wireless would not work. I had to go back to the settings in the Home Hub-3 to "Refresh" to select the best Channel and it has chosen Channel 11 again and all works well.

Keeping your software up to date can help protect against viruses and hackers. To update the software: Connect your BT 4G Home Hub to your computer via a cable or Wi-Fi; Open a web browser and type into the address bar then press Enter; Click LOG IN HERE to access settings; Enter your username and password, then click Log In

 · Re: Smart Hub 2 Latest Firmware June 2020 My Smart Hub 2 updated to v0.17.01.12312-BT on Sat Jul 18 00:05:56 2020 I noticed it were restarting overnight for several nights, every 2 to 3 nights, before and after the update.

Re: Home Hub 2 Type B firmware upgrade You're right Smirnoff - it updated to at 2am this morning. Bit of a PITA when you've set the time manually and …

Has there been a firmware update on the Smart Hub 6 type A in the last few days? I'm away so can't check the router, but the IP address changed unexpectedly on 30th may and again on 2nd June. Last year, when the firmware updated, it went through a DLM reset and 10 day learning period, I'm hoping that's all it is this time.

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